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"Every fourth
dental implant
in Germany
comes from CAMLOG."

"Every fourth dental implant in Germany comes from CAMLOG."

General manager:
Markus Stammen, Martin Lugert

About us
About us

CAMLOG is a leader in the area of implant dentistry. CAMLOG Implant Systems lead the way in application and quality: many years of research and development, highest quality standards, and the know how of globally recognized experts in implant dentistry set CAMLOG apart.

made in Germany

At the production site in Wimsheim near Stuttgart, ALTATEC GmbH and its more than 280 qualified employees and ultramodern production facilities ensure that CAMLOG products always satisfy the most stringent demands of implant dentistry. High-tech manufacturing processes and systematic quality assurance guarantee a consistently high level of quality.

CAMLOG products meet all the requirements of applicable medical device legislation:

  • Conformity to the strict guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Compliance with European laws and guidelines for product performance and patient safety
  • Repeated successful certification of the process-oriented QM systems in accordance with EN/ISO 13485
  • Compliance with the EN ISO 9001 standard and the European Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices

Clinical and scientific experts work closely together to develop CAMLOG quality products. CAMLOG products are a combination of Swiss engineering and German manufacturing.

  • CAMLOG employees manufacturing dental implants
  • CAMLOG employees during quality assurance
  • CAMLOG production facilities for dental implants

Medical devices
imply responsibility


The German Medical Devices Act places high demands on the safety and functionality of medical devices. CAMLOG also makes the quality promise to only develop and manu­facture products that comply with state-of-the-art technology and scientific research as well as the relevant standards for medical engineering.


Our claim is outstanding manufacturing quality and seamless product controls to ensure the safety of patients. High precision and reliability are the hallmarks of all CAMLOG products. This is our contribution to achieving predictable, functional, esthetic and long-term stable treatment outcomes.


Our special focus is on the processing of body compatible materials. Our implants are made of pure titanium. This material is very stable with a high biotolerability and is therefore suitable for those with allergies. Implant treatments are a safe and recognized therapy with high success rates.

Your contact person

The first person you should contact for all questions related to dental implants is your dentist. Depending on your individual situation, he or she will involve specialists such as an implantologist, oral surgeon or orthodontic surgeon.