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Anyone who has lost teeth has the same wish – to replace them. The replacements should look as natural as possible and, of course, restore the function of your dentition. If a single tooth is missing, the resulting gap can be filled by an implant with an appropriate implant abutment and a crown attached to it. This does not require a healthy tooth to be ground down. Conventional partial and full dentures are often regarded as being foreign objects. They often lead to pressure sores and limit the perception of taste, feeling, and temperature. This makes people feel less confident when talking, laughing, eating, and kissing.

Dental implants can help here because they also replace the tooth root and are therefore fixed. The jawbone, which forms the foundation for the entire dentition, is also preserved.

Dental implants provide an outstanding opportunity to replace lost teeth and to restore both appearance and quality of life.

A lot of questions can crop up when deciding on an implant system. As a leading manufacturer of dental implants, Camlog is a competent partner for your dentist. We have over 300 skilled employees at our site in Wimsheim near Stuttgart, working at our ultramodern production facilities to ensure that Camlog products always satisfy the rigorous demands of implant dentistry. High-tech manufacturing processes and systematic quality assurance guarantee a consistently high level of quality.

To facilitate your choice, we have compiled an overview of our implant systems on offer. You can peruse the options ahead of your consultation with the dentist or implant specialist so that you can prepare any specific questions in order to customise the best treatment solution together.

Camlog dental implant with abutment and crown

Restoring quality of life with implant supported restorations

Your smile and appearance are important to your quality of life. Beautiful and healthy teeth enhance your attractiveness and vitality. However, teeth can be lost for a number of reasons. Teeth loss affects not just your appearance, speech, and eating habits but can also lead to general health issues. Gaps in your teeth can be filled both functionally and esthetically with an array of options using different materials. Dental implant restoration is a scientifically recognized treatment option for such gaps. An implant replaces the natural tooth root in both form and function. The bone grows firmly around the dental implant and anchors it in the jawbone so that a new, custom-made, natural looking tooth replacement can be mounted on it.

It is important to have healthy gums and sufficient bone volume for an implant‑supported restoration to achieve long-term stability. The gums are firmly attached to the teeth and protect the teeth roots and jawbone from bacterial infection and the penetration of foreign matter. The implant should be placed in a physiologically optimal position so that the chewing force can be properly absorbed and transmitted to the bone. Your treating dentist will have several bone replacement options (biomaterials) available when covering the exposed tooth necks and augmenting the jawbone. Over time, your body absorbs these materials into your own tissue or bone.

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Camlog dental implants – Quality Made in Germany

The manufacturers of medical devices bear great responsibility. Camlog is a leading supplier of dental implants and a reliable partner for dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontic surgeons, and dental technicians. Camlog implant systems are groundbreaking in their application and quality: many years of research and development, the highest quality standards, and the expertise of globally recognized experts in implant dentistry set Camlog products apart. Find out more about the company here.

Dental implants – safe, proven and established

The first titanium implant was inserted in a patient by its Swedish inventor as early as 1965. The patient wore the implant until his death in 2006. The current implant forms have been in use since the 1980s and have now been inserted millions of times. Treatment therapy with dental implants was scientifically recognized by the German Association for Dental and Oral Medicine (DGZMK) in 1982 and is now standard therapy in the surgical practice. Long-term studies confirm high success rates. Camlog also offers appropriate dental implants for different types of therapy.

CAMLOG® and CONELOG® implants are made of pure titanium. This material is extremely stable and has a high tolerance – so-called biocompatability. CERALOG® is an ivory-colored ceramic implant with exceptional esthetic properties. The selection of implant type shall be decided upon case-by-case, depending on your individual situation and the dentist’s preference.

20 million
Dental implants worldwide every year*
7 million
Dental implants in Europe*
1.4 million
Dental implants in Germany*

*Source: DIMDC Report 2019

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